Country Scenes Blue Ribbon Dreams 96th Spartansburg Community Fair September 3rd - 9th 2017
Kid's Power Wheels

Saturday, Sept. 9 @ 5 PM on the Demo Derby Track


Children aged 3-8


Any Electric Power Wheels are permitted.


12 volt maximum - Battery may be replaced with a lawn mower battery. Battery must be fastened down.


Doors must be fastened shut (zip ties, glue, duct tape, etc) NO OTHER MODIFICATIONS MAY BE MADE.


All drivers must wear a helmet.


Parent must be present to sign a waiver for participation.


No fee for child to enter the derby.


All spectators must pay gate fee and any pit fees.


The event:

A balloon will be taped to the front and back of each Power Wheels.  When both balloons are popped, the driver will be eliminated The last one with 1 balloon that has not popped will be the winner

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